YP Investment

Land Improvement and Investment

Engaging in middle and large size land investments; to develop housing, shopping, civic service and tourism areas through conducting plans and substructure works on those investments.

Civil Building Constructions

Building constructions of any kind like private residence, luxury housing complex, mass housing, hospitals, hotels and resorts, and terminal buildings.

Educational Structures

Planning and construction of all kinds of educational facilities, university campus and dormitories.

Industrial Structures

Project planning and turn-key delivery of all kinds of industrial facilities.

Restoration Works

To perform entire project planning and implementation works related to restoration and restitution for historical buildings by preserving the architectural and historical features.

Rehabilitation Works

To carry out damage inspection for all kinds of damaged structures like buildings, industrial facilities, bridges and docks, and to repair main carrier system and produce reinforcements. Corrosion repairment for concrete and steel buildings; cathodic protection, chlorine extraction, re-alkalization and galvanic protection applications.

Substructure Works

Carry out substructure constructions, installation of potable water, drainage, sewage, electricity and natural gas networks for housing and industrial facilities.


Construction of state motorways, urban roads, city passages and intersections.


Highway, motorway, railway bridge, viaduct, floating service bridge, bridge intersection and steel suspended bridge constructions.

Ports and Marine Structures

Construction of docks, piers, sea moles, marinas; seabed scanning.

Water Structures

Construction of dames, river fortifications, regulators, water treatment plants and reservoirs; drainage, water supply, and potable water facilities.

Rail Transport Constructions

Urban rail transport applications; construction of trolley, light rail transport lines, stations, depots and railroads.